Randfontein High School


Randfontein High School is a proud child of the new South African Democracy and this is reflected in our Vision and Mission Statement.


Trendsetters in Motion


To empower learners to excel in a diverse South Africa society through:

Visionary Leadership

Academic Excellence

Dedicated Educators

Quality Extra Mural Activities

Technologically Advanced Facilities

Parental Involvement


Randfontein High School was established in 1960 to serve the English community of Randfontein and is still the only English Medium high school in the Greater Randfontein area. As a school, we embraced transformation, and as a result we have reaped the benefits of opening up opportunities to all South African children in one public school.  We have however, always embraced a multicultural, multilingual atmosphere.  The transformation process started in 1990, evolving the school into a fully integrated South African School as opposed to a former white Model C school.  Randfontein High School is an example of what a South African school should be – a space where every child has an opportunity to discover and develop in an environment without bias.

Randfontein High School is a school with more than one thousand five hundred (1500) learners representing a wide variety of cultural and language groups, including all 11 official languages – a compilation of children that is probably without equal anywhere in the world. This school represents a real world experience where it is possible through tolerance and mutual respect, to work and play together and achieve excellent results. The words “equality, redress, access and quality” in the Education Department’s commitment statement have become buzzwords at our school.  The norm – academically, socially, culturally and on the sports field – is excellence and our children leave Randfontein High School as proud South Africans who make a difference in the workplace, at tertiary level and in their communities.

Our greatest strength is our diversity.  At Randfontein High School no one loses their identity.  We are proud of who we are and what we have achieved.  We do not politicise education.  Learners participate voluntarily and achieve according to their talents. Despite the fact that the majority of our learners come from previously disadvantaged communities where the unemployment rate is in excess of 50% and in which they experience a number of day-to-day frustrations and barriers, often having to walk large distances to school, this has never been used as justification for non-compliance or inferior results.  Our School Based Support Team, a dynamic group of educators, who address obstacles to teaching and learning such as socio-economic problems, trauma, the effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty, emotional barriers, abuse, absenteeism and many others, ensure that these learners’ needs are attended to.

Discipline is the cornerstone on which all our educational activities are based. 

Discipline is the cornerstone on which all our educational activities are based.  Our code of conduct ensures a safe haven for all and is implemented without exception and because of this, accepted by the school as a whole.  Randfontein High School represents a disciplined teaching environment, where learners take ownership of their school. Twenty years ago we decided on a broad strategic plan for the school.  We did extensive research, sent questionnaires to all stakeholders and held many meetings and Imbizos. At the time we only had ± 200 learners achieving academic, sport, leadership and cultural awards at a single prize-giving ceremony, as opposed to the four we currently host due to the large number of achievers.  Over the last 20 years we have grown dramatically and currently we are literally bursting at the seams – 176 % full this year.